Welcome to Oversi

The modern approach to portfolio, programme and project management

With best practice processes, tools and templates Oversi enables the effective and consistent planning and delivery of portfolio, programme and projects within any organisation.

How Oversi can help you


  • It all starts with your products and identifying the skills that you'll need.
  • Then build out your resource plan by documenting the roles (and their responsibilities) that are needed.
  • With scope and roles defined, an accurate schedule and budget can easily be generated.
  • Document assumptions and constraints along the way and easily link them to your products, resource plan, schedule and budget for future reference.
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  • Manage team actions utilising the integrated Kanban board.
  • Record and escalate risks and issues when they arise.
  • Clearly define decisions that are needed from key stakeholders to stay on track.
  • Easily document lessons as they are learned to improve organisational knowledge.
  • Stay on message by recording all team engagements and communications in a central location.
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Analyse and Report

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Tailored for you

Oversi can be configured to reflect your organisation's delivery standards and policies. Thereby accelerating project initiation and staff onboarding and eliminating the need for each project to develop their own templates and tools.

Why Oversi?

Oversi was built by delivery practioners who have experience with the same real-world challenges that most portfolio, programme and project managers face. When designing and building Oversi we set out to:
  • Support the creation of clear, transparent and achievable plans
  • Keep all information consistent and up-to-date (no more tracking of related information multiple, disconnected spreadsheets)
  • Speed up the seemingly endless reporting cycles
  • Free up time so that you can focus on delivery.


Oversi comes with a complete suite of reports, registers and dashboards that enable you to track, monitor and manage your programmes and projects while reducing the time spent creating regular status reports.


All data uploaded to Oversi is securely and reliably stored in a trusted cloud that has been certified for Australian federal, state and local government needs.


Achieve consistency in risk and issue identification, treatment and assignment with configurable reference data such as risk types, categories and responses.


All modules can be used in isolation, so you can pick and choose the best fit for each project's needs.


Oversi's powerful auditing capabilities provide greater visibility of changes at the click of a button.


A best practice framework based on industry recognised delivery methods for ensuring quality, informed decision-making and driving consistent adherence to governance processes.


Reduces the reliance on spreadsheets and documents thereby avoiding frustrating rework and the risk of synchronising content across multiple records, registers and products.


Oversi continues to add new features and improve our product suite as we learn more about the challenges that are faced by our customers.

Data security

We understand the importance of the security of your data. All of the data you upload into Oversi is securely and reliably stored in a trusted cloud that has been certified for Australian federal, state and local government needs.

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