Oversi is a modern and secure cloud-based solution that operationalises best practice with an aim to improve the speed, accuracy and control of managing projects and programmes while providing transparency and reducing portfolio delivery risk.


Oversi comes with a complete suite of reports, registers and dashboards that enable you to track, monitor and manage your programmes and projects while reducing the time spent creating regular status reports


A best practice framework based on industry recognised delivery methods for ensuring quality, informed decision-making and driving consistent adherence to governance processes


Consistency in risk and issue identification, treatment and assignment with standardised reference data such as risk types, categories and responses


Reduces the reliance on spreadsheets and documents thereby avoiding frustrating rework and the risk of synchronising content across multiple records, registers and products


All data uploaded to Oversi is securely and reliably stored in a trusted cloud that has been certified for Australian federal, state and local government needs


Oversi’s powerful auditing capabilities provide greater visibility of changes at the click of a button