Special features


Linkages provide an effective way to create and maintain relationships between records across modules (i.e. risks to lessons) and across projects.

Project rewind

When a plan is approved or status report is published, a point in time snapshot of the entire delivery context (Program or Project) is taken. You can then 'rewind' any dashboard, register or individual record to see how it looked at that point in time.

Progress indicators

Oversi displays record completion indicators on each record. The progress indicator may be used to visually identify potential data quality issues within a delivery area.

Reportable to

Action management within Oversi has additional functionality to provide visibility and tracking of actions relevant to a specific governing body or external committee. Actions displayed on the dashboard, register and Kanban can be filtered to display these actions to simplify tracking and reporting.


How many times do you know the person's role or title, but can't remember their name? Not only does Oversi allow you to associate all records (e.g. task & action owners, decision makers, workflow recipients etc.) to a user, but you can also use their current role(s), a team that they belong to or their governance title(s) and they will see this information as if it was directly assigned to them. This is a real time-saver when people change roles or when you have vacancies at the time of entering data.

Standard features

  • Workflow: Flexible support for internal review, endorsement and approval processes on all records
  • In-tool support: There is a full user guide, help hints on many fields and a walkthrough on every page
  • Built-in glossary: Configure common terms, abbreviations and definitions specific to your project and show them in all screens to minimise confusion
  • Audit and change histories: View every record change, who made it and when it was made
  • Accurate dates: Use milestones instead of fixed dates to keep registers up-to-date with the plan
  • Tagging: Use custom labels and colours for easier searching and reporting
  • Notes: Add notes and discussions to any record
  • File attachments: Attach any file type (including documents, images, emails, audio) to any record
  • Interactive PDFs: Generate PDFs that retain the live hyperlinks back to the original Oversi records
  • Data exports: Export all data to the Microsoft Excel® or as a CSV
  • Diagram exports: Export all diagrams generated in Oversi as standard images (JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG)
  • Search, sort and filter: All registers are free-text searchable, multi-column orderable and filterable
  • Multi-browser, multi-device: We support all modern (and some less-modern) browsers including (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari)
  • Accessible 24/7